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Silly Farm Mama Clown Loose Glitter - Golden Glam

Silly Farm Mama Clown Loose Glitter - Golden Glam

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Golden Glam

Opaque: Excellent for Glitter Tattoos.

Mama Clown glitter is a polyester cosmetic grade glitter excellent for adding that extra touch of sparkle and shimmer to your face and body art. Mama Clown glitter can be used on the lips, eyelids, and all over the body and is also used for glitter tattoos. It can be mixed with gel to create a glitter gel or applied dry directly to the skin or over face and body paint for a glittery and shimmery finish. Mama Clown glitter is soft to the touch and fine enough that it doesn't require adhesive in order to stick to the skin.

There are 2 types of Mama Clown glitter; Firstly, there is transparent glitter that is excellent for face painting and body art because it adds a nice iridescent finish to your design. The transparent glitter does not cover the design but adds a nice sparkly or shimmery finishing touch. Secondly, the opaque metallic colors are wonderfully suited for glitter tattoos or when you would like to cover an area with a full glittery finish.

Directions: To apply to damp face and body paint or straight on the skin, you can dip your brush or finger in glitter and tap it onto the area you wish to apply it to. Or use the puffer bottles to gently puff over the area you wish to place the glitter to keep your eyes and mouth closed while applying. For a longer-lasting glimmer, add a little Vaseline where you would like to apply the glitter, and then add glitter on top. 

To Remove: Use soap and water or a baby wipe.
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