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Brightest Tiger – 50g Split Cake Magnetic Face & BodyArt Paint

Brightest Tiger – 50g Split Cake Magnetic Face & BodyArt Paint

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Global Colours’ is a professional grade face and body paint that has bold, vivid colours with a smooth consistency.

Global Colours’ paints are ideal for face and body art and are easily activated with water, dry to a velvety finish in under a minute, and stay bold, bright and smudge-free in even the toughest conditions.

The Global Colours range contains over 55 vibrant shades including UV reactive, metallic and pearl colours and are suitable for beginners and advanced face painters

Global Colours’ face and body paint is:

  • Paraben free

  • Fragrance free

  • Gluten free

  • Vegan

  • Not tested on animals

  • Water-activated, so a little goes a long way (great value!)

  • Highly pigmented, bright colours

  • Reliable even in hot and humid climates

  • Non-staining and easy to remove

  • Made in an ethical facility with safe working conditions

  • In recyclable packaging

  • Compliant with all worldwide safety regulations including FDA, EU & Australian Standards. Regular colours conform to FDA, EU and ASTM; Neon Colours conform to EN 71-3)

Global Colours' Split Cakes have complementary magnets attached on the back. This allows them to stick to metallic surfaces such as your Craft-n-Go.

Brightest Tiger Magic Split Cake Contains: Yellow, Neon Orange, Orange.

Directions for use:

Do not add water to the paint directly. Using the flat side of a damp (not too wet) face painting sponge, swipe the sponge carefully across the split cake from side to side, parallel with the stripes, to load the paint onto the sponge. On the selected area of skin, gently dab the sponge (pressing, not wiping) until the desired density of paint is applied.


Remove easily from the skin with water and soap, makeup remover or makeup wipes.

About Global Colours:

Global Colours is a market leader, famous for the quality and safety of their face and body art products for over 25 years. 100% Australian owned, the range is used by professional artists and on movie sets worldwide. Global Colours insist on ethical working conditions in their supply chain, environmental responsibility in their packaging and production, health prioritisation in their ingredient selection and affordable pricing for their customers. The result is a premium quality product that is imbued with heart.

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